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In 1993, a star was born…Rawaby, the brand entered a lot of homes, and became the brand of choice for a lot of consumers…the brand was strong…... more



"Innovation is the process of utilizing simple tools to create better experiences"

For years the word innovations in the Middle East has been linked to high tech and scientific inventions associated with the western world. The development of the markets and the consumers in the region made innovations a general term whose application and adoption across all disciplines is an inevitable process.   ... more



News & Events

Our premises

The premise in Egypt is located in Nasr City, in a Modern building, ideal location, open space, smoking free working environment. more

Masr Om el Donia…

A huge Event in Afia Egypt was held on Feb. 10, 2009. It was one of those big events for Afia Egypt. more

Innovation Workshops & Deployment Sessions:

The Cairo Innovations Workshop took place on 23rd – 24th February 2009, with a diverse group from Afia, USCE, and USC and resulted in many promising ideas championed by most of the participants... more

President Mubarak’s Visit

Last Tuesday, 31st of March, the USCE family was honored to welcome President Hosny Mubarak and ... more



Savola is committed to recruiting the best and brightest. The Recruitment and Selection process promotes successful hiring decisions that can truly impact the success of the company. Our recruiting process is a good example of the multinational mindset that we are building across all units.


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